Case Studies


Eastern Meat Solutions is a full-service meat provider that takes ownership of the process from butcher to processor. Since 1970, EMS has brought value to their customers through an advanced supply-chain services model. In order to expand the company’s offerings through product and service differentiation, EMS needed to reinforce their history of expertise by enhancing their brand image.

For, the main challenge was separating Eastern Meat Solutions from meat packers and processors who had frequently been in the news. Added to this, was the need to present meat as a natural and healthy choice. The company’s current brand had evolved ad hoc, so there were few creative assets to build upon.

Initial creative work focused on brand strategy. Emphasis was placed on developing the EMS image to effectively differentiate it within its industry, enhancing perceived value to customers at both ends of the supply chain, and focusing on employees to reveal the tremendous bench strength of their experience and expertise.

Appealing keywords associated with meat were chosen to give the project creative sizzle, – incidentally, “sizzle” was one of the words! Graphically, icons representing cattle, pigs and chickens aligned EMS with the characteristics of natural ranching. Photographically, a selection of rural images was balanced by photos of the very approachable people working at EMS. Customized stock food images negated the cost for a food stylist.

With this groundwork laid, was charged with developing the vehicle to tell the EMS story. A hardcover, coffee table book was created to distinguish EMS from the crowd. A contemporary design invigorated the 40+ year-old company’s brand while maintaining a flavour of accessibility and the familiarity of an employee family. The book featured infographics, icons, diagrams, recipes and photographs that were blended to present a varied, but cohesive, narrative. These features were then carried to the website for brand continuity.

The end result With a modern new brand, Eastern Meat Solutions was able to reach out for new strategic alliances and processing, distribution and retail customers. The company was also able to promote its newest services to long-time customers who only knew EMS as meat supply-chain experts. The new brand has given EMS an excellent sales toolbox for the coming decade.

Download the PDF version of the fuller story that includes project visuals, the client’s testimonial and a list of the creative services provided.