Case Studies


Scholmark is a fundraising tool and web platform designed to allow Canadian schools to work together to capture funds on a sustainable level. It also enables corporations to donate to many (or all) schools by overcoming the logistics of individual schools and school boards. was brought in to oversee and manage all creative aspects, from initial brand establishment through to the development of print and web materials. As Creative Director, Klaus worked with external marketing and business development consultants to meet their challenge of effectively communicating the value of Scholmark to multiple target audiences – schools, parent fundraisers and corporate donors.

The first challenge was to create a brand to include the Scholmark logo, colour palette, font and image selection. The creative direction leaned immediately towards a series of bold primary colours and gold stars to indicate excellence. This imagery easily identified Scholmark with schools and children. The logo, with its custom, trademarked font and the iconic swirl of stars that have become a repeated motif, cemented the visual identity.

Klaus personally supervised image selection, taking into account the diversity present in Canadian schools, as well as required brand characteristics. The color selection allowed for easy visual identification of materials primarily intended for corporate donors, school administrators, municipal school boards and parents. Now, while corporate-giving guides differ dramatically from parent-council handouts in content, they all belong visually to the Scholmark family.

Key requirements for Scholmark’s online platform were that it be easy to use and that it make fundraising less complex. The design of the website reflected these requirements by being simple and easy to use, as well as being vibrant and fun in appearance.

As a switch from normal fundraising receipts, the ScholCard was created. This variant on trading cards featured educational tidbits, fun facts, games and energetic imagery. A series of icons was developed to differentiate sets of cards and illustrate concepts.

The end result The identifiable brand across all media accurately depicts the Scholmark values to a range of audiences. Since implementation, Scholmark has been able to extend seamlessly into social media and school promotions with this solid creative infrastructure.

Download the PDF version of the fuller story that includes project visuals, the client’s testimonial and a list of the creative services provided.