Case Studies


Perspectives 2011 showcases the consolidation of two previously separate entities within Northland Power Inc. – power generation, and the income fund that leveraged it. NPI recognized the need to establish the full picture for stakeholders – to illustrate the growth and stability of the organization.

Power generation is risk-oriented by nature, focused on identifying opportunities and developing the best of these to final stages. By contrast, the Income Fund was much more conservative, needing to re-assure investors. For, the main challenge was to present the prevailing approaches of both entities in a unifying way.

Much of the initial creative work focused on the differing perspectives on accepting risk. These discussions led to a re-definition of prospects and opportunities; projects that still required extensive qualification were redefined to be in the “early stages of development.” This adjustment offered a much more accurate picture of NPI’s state of investment in these projects – to both sides. helped to define the role of the new entity and also evolved the project’s name, “Perspectives,” and the purpose-driven tagline, “Intelligent energy for a greener planet.”

The cross-pollination of business purposes led to a greater degree of ownership for the full lifecycle of projects with project owners gaining responsibility for ensuring longevity and margin return. This outcome fueled the creative strategy to establish four messaging pillars: Leadership, Stability, Expertise and Performance. The distinct imagery for each of these pillars quickly crystallized – and each contributed to the overall brand value positioning.

With the infrastructure in place, was charged with telling the new NPI story to the investment community and power purchasers. Visually, NPI bench strength was underpinned by showcasing key NPI people. A challenge arose when it came to show the migration to new technologies – conceptual illustrations were developed to capture these forward-thinking initiatives for which no photographs existed. Infographics were used extensively to display NPI’s pipeline and the volume of opportunity, with timelines simultaneously presenting stability and growth.

The end result As share prices escalated, Northland Power gained increased access to market capital. Every public offering was quickly devoured. This offered NPI greater ability to win larger projects which complemented the fund’s new vision – to be “in it for the long run. ”

Download the PDF version of the fuller story that includes project visuals, the client’s testimonial and a list of the creative services provided.