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In the creative process, copywriting shouldn’t be DIY

A creative director does much more than interpret the concepts and think through the early phases of a project to develop a vision – the creative director sees the forest and the tress and makes sure everyone around him or her does as well.

A creative director acts as the leader by pulling together the necessary resources and skill sets to turn a thought through vision into reality. Early on in the play, one such skill set that is often needed to bring a project to fruition is copywriting.

A professional copywriter takes the concepts developed by the creative director and turns these ideas, analysis, research and notes into concrete copy that the intended audience can connect with.

A good copywriter will take complex ideas or long-winded explanations and transform them into a language that is easily understood. A good copywriter will work in conjunction with the creative director to further develop the ideas kicking around that just won’t seem to turn into complete sentences.

A well-designed website, brochure or direct mail campaign, for example, captures the interest of the intended audience; well-written copy is what holds that audience’s attention. The copy is succinct, focused and crisp; it has a point, and it gets to it quickly. And for the audience, there’s an aha moment where everything clicks and they get it.

As a creative director, I’m occasionally met with resistance over hiring a copywriter because the general feeling from some people is that they can write the necessary content “just fine.” But think of it this way – few people would consider performing their own root canal so why turn the copy writing into a DIY project? A writer writes. Period.

Developing copy for a breadth of media from print to digital that not just meets the bar set by the creative director but pushes higher goes beyond simply using proper grammar and spelling; it’s about understanding how to position a brand, product or service so that it stands out and motivates the target audience to take action. 

November 28, 2016 by: Klaus Uhlig
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